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ELLE feat. MJ&BH

Still hot from the RED AFFAIR in the August issue with BH and CZJ, ELLE Korea is releasing a special & sweet wedding feature on Lee Min Jung and her hot Hunnie-hubby for the September issue.




7-Day Maldives Honeymoon

Newlywed star couple Byunghun & Minjung spent a week honeymooning in the Maldives after their wedding ceremony on August 10. The couple left for the island paradise on Monday just the two of them to enjoy the tropical getaway and each other’s company.

The sexy pair return to Seoul on Monday the 19th, a bit earlier than the planned 10-day vacation but BH&MJ could not look more radiant, glowing and happy. They sported a black&white plus grey couple look with fedoras and casual outfits.



The Sax Surprise

2013.08.10 After-party

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Looking at you ~


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Mr. & Mrs. Lee Byung Hun


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Bullsone TVCF feat. Byunghun

August 3, 2013

BullsOne TVCF feat. Lee Byung Hun 

Source: Naver

As commemorative launch of BullsOne new website, new TVCF featuring top actor Lee Byung Hun as the new model have been released in 4 different version of 30s and 15s commercial clips.

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Counting down to their special day on August 10, just a week to go — sweethearts Byunghun & Minjung released their pre-wedding pictorial to the public on July 30. Black and white captures of the chic couple exude obvious bliss & happiness together.

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ELLE BTS: RED AFFAIR feat. Lee Byung Hun & Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Father & Son in RED 2

July 24, 2013

Surprise Appearance: Father & Son Photo and Credit in RED 2

A father and son photo belonging to actor Lee Byung Hun appeared in a scene in RED 2, a Hollywood sequel that he’s been acting in. Not only that, LBH’s late father’s name Lee Jong Kun (shown as Jong Kun Lee) was listed in the ending credits of the movie, right after Lee Byung Hun’s name.

The close-up family photo portrays LBH’s character in the movie with his father. The scene & credit was initiated by Dir. Dean Parisot after having heard about the actor’s father who was a big Hollywood movie fan. This sweet gesture brings a pleasant surprise to the fans and audience, most especially an endearing heartfelt gratitude for the actor and his family.


RED 2 aka RED: The Legend opened at number 1 at the Korean Box Office and has now surpassed 1.26 million audience since the release on July 18. Actor Lee Byung Hun in particular have been widely praised for his cool yet comic performance in the movie.

White Knight 18.7

July 18, 2013

Actor Lee Byung Hun attended the Red Carpet of the Opening Ceremony for the 17th PiFan Film Festival. Lee Byung Hun along with actress Jeon Ji Hyun were the festival’s recipients of “Producer’s Choice” award for their box office top status and continuous contribution to the Korean film industry.

Looking dashing in white against the rather pink surrounding, LBH added the debonair charm and fresh happiness at the annual film event.

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Big Love in Little Red Handbag

July 17, 2013

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung at RED: The Legend VIP Premiere 

Source: Nate ++

The VIP Premiere for RED: The Legend (RED 2) was held today at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University with the attendance of Lee Byung Hun’s friends, co-stars and celebrity guests which included actors Ahn Sung Ki, Lee Beom Soo, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Min Jong, Jin Goo as well as actresses Choi Ji Woo, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Yu Mi plus celebrity couple Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young.

But the highlight was definitely the appearance of LBH’s lovely fiancée at the screening much to the delight of the waiting media and fans. Actress Lee Min Jung came in an elegant dark blue dress with a striking little red handbag which showed the direct support to LBH’s new Hollywood movie. LBH himself appeared dashing in a black suit with a dark blue shirt creating a couple look with MJ.







Wedding Invite: MJ&BH

A simple but sweet.. straightforwardly affectionate and special.. an invitation from the heart <3

An enclosed  message highlights the couple’s happiness

“Thank you for being with us for the first day of our new life together. We will repay your congratulatory messages by working hard and living happily together.”


Hyeopyeo.. a love story?

July 16, 2013

Lee Byung-Hun “Working with Jeon Do-Yeon again? I’m looking forward to it” 

Source: enews24 l images from maxmovie l translation by mistymorning at

Interview article is about actor Lee Byung Hun’s thoughts on working with actress Jeon Do Yeon and their upcoming movie project. He is really looking forward to work with his co-stars, actresses Jeon and Kim Go Eun.

Lee Byung Hun further stated that “even though the genre is martial arts movie, it is actually a really sad and beautiful love story”. “A lot of people thought my role is just a villain, but the role cannot be defined that clearly as villain.”




Airport Frenzy at 4am Sunday

Lee Byung Hun Arriving at Incheon at 4 am

Source: Nate ++ compilation

Actor Lee Byung Hun landed at Incheon International Airport from Los Angeles at 4am Sunday morning. Looking happy and relaxed in a comfy attire of t-shirt, shorts, a hat and glasses, he was greeted by a crowd of fans as well as media people creating quite a frenzy at the airport.

News and pics of the arrival have been posted at online media outlets about 20 minutes after 4am.






Nescafé Treat of Byunghun & RED 2

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NESCAFE Lee Byung Hun Exclusive Premiums and Red 2 Movie Tickets Giveaway

ARE you Lee Byung-Hun’s BIGGEST FAN!

NESCAFE®, Singapore’s no.1 coffee brand is celebrating 75 years of heritage, quality and coffee expertise. To celebrate, we have invited Lee Byung Hun to be NESCAFE Singapore’s brand ambassador! NESCAFE’s new campaign visuals and television commercial features Lee. Well known for his role as Storm Shadow in G.I Joe movies, the usual cool and manly Lee shows his warm and cheerful side. Looking bored at the start of the video with his friends engrossed in their smartphones and tablets, he decides to turn things around by making a cuppa NESCAFE coffee for all of them and by doing so, creating conversation and laughter instead. The advertisement then ends off with the slogan “There’s one for everyone,” highlighting the different coffee flavours NESCAFE has to offer. View the TVC here!


To win for yourself limited edition NESCAFE 75 years premiums and products, exclusive Lee Byung-Hun NESCAFE life size posters and MOVIE TICKETS to catch the exclusive viewing of Lee Byung-Hun’s latest Hollywood blockbuster Red 2, show us that you are his BIGGEST FAN! Be creative, go crazy, express your love. Post pictures, film videos, go all out on your blogs and Facebook page. We want you to show your love by sharing about Lee Byung-Hun’s latest NESCAFE commercial “Conversations,” his latest movie Red 2 and of course his awesome pictures !


Simply drop us your name, contact number, mailing address and links to your I love Lee Byung-Hun promotion efforts to! Feel free to call +65 97713301 for further clarifications. Good luck and may Lee Byung-Hun be with you always !



RED 2 Red Carpet & LA Premiere

A Brilliant Event: Red Carpet & Premiere Of Summit Entertainment’s “RED 2″


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20130711_35   (more…)

Congrats PiFan’s Producer’s Choice

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17th PiFan: Lee Byung-Hun and Jun Ji-Hyun awarded the best actor and actress

Source: joynews l Nate ++


Actor Lee Byung-Hun and actress Jun Ji-Hyun have been selected for this year’s “Producer’s Choice”, by the 17th PiFan, Producers Guild of Korea and Korean Film Producer Association.

“Producer’s Choice” is an award dedicated to the best actor/actress of the year , chosen by producers currently working in Korean movie scenes. In 16th PiFan, it was awarded to Ha Jung-Woo and Ha Ji-Won.

For this year, it is Lee Byung-Hun of the successful movies “Masquerade”, “G.I. Joe 2″ and upcoming movie “Red: the legend” and Jun Ji-Hyun of “Thieves” and “Berlin”.

PiFan said “Actor Lee Byung-Hun and Jun Ji-Hyun are the best actor/actress of the time, and known for the great acting and ticket power. They have been darlings of many movie fans for long time. I feel that this year’s choice is the highest honor for both actor/actress and the festival itself. “

Lee Byung-Hun and Jun Ji-Hyun will attend Festival Opening on July 18th 6PM, for red carpet.


Byunghun on CulTwo Radio Show

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Lee Byung Hun’s surprise on radio when he heard his girlfriend’s song

Source: TV Daily l compilation 1 l 2


Actor Lee Byung Hun got a surprise on radio when he heard his girlfriend, Lee Min Jung’s logo song being played during the commercial break.

On July 10th, SBS TVJobs site uploaded a not-yet-released clip of Lee Byung Hun on SBS Power FM “2 PM Escape CulTwo Show”. The clip showed that LBH got a surprise when he heard special logo song of his bride-to-be Lee Min Jung.

When he heard LMJ’s logo song recorded from movie “Wonderful Radio”, he said “She did it?” looking amazed. Then he kept his head down bashfully, kept clearing his throat which made the audience laugh.

Later, a listener asked him, “Who’s prettier, Catherine Zeta-Jones or Lee Min Jung”, to which he replied “Lee Min-Jung” expressing his love. The CulTwo DJ could not help playfully hitting LBH because he appeared so bashful and cute.

Netizens’s reactions toward LBH’s shy reaction to LMJ logo song have been, “Quite cute”, “LMJ Logo song, looks like LBH is liking it more” “LMJ logo song, I’m curious too”.

A fan also asked whether LBH had proposed to LMJ which he replied, no..not yet. Then the CulTwo DJs said, do you want to send audio letter to LMJ right now and LBH got very shy by that. ^^


The Baby in RED2 Family

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July 10, 2013

RED2 Family Photos: Lee Byung Hun as the youngest of the wonderful cast

Actor Lee Byung Hun shared the photos he took with the cast of RED 2, saying that as the youngest on the set, he got support from all the legendary actors/actresses he’s been lucky enough to work with. LBH stated that he really appreciated the chance and he still couldn’t believe he had worked with these dream casts. The actor shared the photos on July 10th.


Helen Mirren & Lee Byung Hun


Lee Byung Hun, Bruce Willis, Jung Do Hong



Top: Anthony Hopkins and Lee Byung Hun

Bottom. Lee Byung Hun & John Malkovich


Nosebleed Post: Killer Abs, Daunting to Maintain

Lee Byung-hun Ripped and Ready to Thrill in ‘Red 2′

Source: The Chosun Ilbo


A still from “Red 2″ showing heartthrob Lee Byung-hun flashing his six-pack and sculpted physique has been released ahead of the movie’s world premiere on July 18.

Lee is said to have worked out religiously and focused on training for his action scenes for over three months after receiving the script in order to fully immerse himself in the role of a killer.

The film revolves around a group of retired CIA agents who reunite after 10 years to destroy a reactivated nuclear device. Lee acts alongside Hollywood stars like Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones and John Malkovich.


Airport Pics: BH at Incheon to LAX

Airport Pics: Lee Byung Hun at Incheon to LAX on July 8

Source: GValley via Naver, thanks to mistymorning for the highlight at LBH-soompi

Actor Lee Byung Hun left for Los Angeles on Monday to attend the RED2 Premiere to be held on July 11 in Hollywood. He was seen at the Incheon International Airport after the appearance on SBS Power FM CulTwo radio talk show in the afternoon. Still wearing the same gray shirt & jeans at the talk show earlier on in the afternoon. And although BH looked tired he’s always obliging to fans asking for autographs.

While in LA, Lee Byung Hun will also participate in the ELLE Korea’s Pictorial photoshoot with his RED2 co-star, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.





BH selected new voice for Bulls Oneshot

Lee Byung-hun to Advertise Car-related Product

by Kang Jung Yeon TENASIA

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun will endorse a product for Korean car product company Bullsone.

Lee has been chosen to promote Bullsone’s engine cleaning product called Bullsoneshot, an official with the company said over the phone on Tuesday.

Lee will join comedians Lee Su-geun and Kim Byung-man in endorsing the product but unlike the two who have gone with their friendly and funny image, Lee Byung-hun will show a classy and reliable image.


Lee already finished shooting the advertisements last month and finished shooting the TV commercials last week in two versions.

A commercial with Lee’s voice narrating went on air on Monday and a commercial with Lee on the screen will go on air in mid-August.

Meanwhile, Lee, considered one of the best actors in the country, will get married to actress Rhee Min-jung on August 10.


Confirmed: Memory of the Sword

July 8, 2013

“Hyeopyeo” has been confirmed as the next project for Lee Byung-Hun

Source:  SBS ++ l thanks to mistymorning for the awesome update at LBH-soompi l compilation 1 l 2


It’s confirmed that actors Lee Byung-Hun, Jeon Do-Yeun and Kim Go-Eun have been cast in the movie “Hyeopyeo: The Memory of the Sword.” . If you guys remember the movie is during Corea dynasty, story of 3 warriors. Jeon will take the role of Sulrang who raised her daughter Sulhee (Kim Go-Eun) to take avenge against the Dukgi (Lee Byung-Hun) for the death of Sulhee’s father, after 18 years.

Lee Byung-Hun decided to take this role after finding the scenario interesting, and Jeon Do-Yeun to keep a promise to Dir. Park Heung-Sik who worked with JDY in “Mermaid Princess”. Kim Go-Eun is a power rookie known for her movie “Eungyo”.

By casting these 3 actor/actresses known for their acting, this project became the most anticipated movie in Chungmuro. this comeback project of director Park Heung-Sik, with projects such as “Mermaid Princess” and “I wish I have a wife” will be released on 2014.


Buddies: Byunghun & Bruce

Bruce Willis says Korean costar is ‘Sinatra of fighting’

By Ruben V. Nepales Philippine Daily Inquirer



LOS ANGELES—Take a bow, Byung-hun Lee. Mr. “Die Hard” himself, Bruce Willis, conceded that the Korean star is the “Frank Sinatra of fighting.”

Bruce, reprising his role as retired CIA agent Frank Moses, and Byung-hun, “the world’s best contract killer,” engage in bruising fight scenes in “Red 2.” “Mr. Byung-hun Lee is a much better fighter than I am,” Bruce admitted in a recent interview at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York. “He’s awesome! That’s probably the toughest fight I’ve ever been in.”

“And he’s a funny guy,” Bruce said of the Asian actor who returned as Storm Shadow in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and is a big star in Korea. Bruce said, “In a scene where Mary-Louise Parker is in a bar, and she jabs a guy with a needle, Byung-hun does a great thing, where he kind of walks me out. It made me laugh! He’s great to work with.”

Bruce used to be taciturn and sometimes terse, at interviews. In recent years, the 58-year-old has become friendlier—but, he’s still a man of few words. So, we were all ears when Bruce revealed that he’s the opposite of his character, Frank, who said in a scene that he’s not a crier.

“I cry all the time,” confessed the man known for his macho action roles, from Detective John McClane in the “Die Hard” blockbusters to Mr. Church in the two “The Expendables” movies.

What makes him cry? “Nothing bad, really. TV makes me cry. I cried at the Olympics. I don’t give myself a hard time about crying. The older I get, the more I cry and get emotional.”

Occasionally glancing at the Manhattan skyline that was gloriously ablaze in summer sunshine, Bruce recited what he has learned in life: “You have to try not to take your emotions too seriously. Treat people with respect, and try to be humble. You’ve got to keep laughing.

“I am prepared, with most of the people in my family, to do the dumbest things, just to make them laugh,” Bruce added. “You know, trip and fall, the spit take where you drink some water, then let it run down your chin—anything to keep them laughing!”