Wedding Answers

Our gratitude to Sung-ja e Seiko at for the English gist ^^

Rough translation of Innolife TV

Tell me how it started you become the MC for the wedding?
Mr. Lee Boem-Soo is a very thoughtful person. He also has a reflective surface so that he cannot do anything that may impose a burden on other people.
There is a younger actor who is good friend of us and LBS told his concern to him. “It would be nice if BH could be MC for my wedding…” Then the younger actor friend told me the story so I sent an e-mail to LBS “On the wedding day, I will be the MC, won’t I? ‘before LBS contacts me.

Is there anything you have done beforehand to be ready for the MC?
I was worried about that too. Few days ago, LBS visited my shooting place when I was taking the photo session for the set scenes. So I asked him “What should I do? “
Actually I don’t take the role of MC very often. In the wedding ceremony, the focus should be on the bride and groom so I think the best MC is the one who is there but nobody notices if he is there.
Therefore I think the best way for me is to try focusing on them devoting myself to be one who is there but nobody recognizes me.
I was kidding once, saying, “Shall I let you do Candy Kiss? “

I heard that you postponed the movie shooting to attend the ceremony.
The director KJW who is the director of the film that I am acting now is also a close friend of LBS so that both of us had to pass the shooting to attend the wedding.

Will LBS be the MC for your wedding?
It doesn’t matter whoever my MC will be but I will be just fine if I can marry someone…

When can we see your wedding?
It will be near future.

Any message to your fans who are visiting here just to see you?
If my fans are happy to see me, there is nothing I should comment and I am just happy too.
But if I think of those people flew by air only for this short moment, then I feel sorry.

Greetings to the bride and groom?
It’s just obvious they are happy!


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