Bloody the Devil

Thanks to the highlight at PlanetBH0712 for really large captures at ISTD naver gallery, also veve111 at EverythingLBH for filming captures courtesy fan sharing at and naver blog

Recent filming photos of ‘I Saw The Devil’ (June 7?) BEWARE POSSIBLE SPOILER PICS

June 8, 2010

Finecut presells I Saw the Devil to three more territories

The eagerly anticipated new thriller from Korea’s master stylist Kim Jee-woon, I Saw the Devil is ratcheting up the number of pre-sales deals for sales rep Finecut, with England, Taiwan and Turkey picking up rights. The horror-thriller stars top actor Lee Byung-hun (The Good, The Bad, The Weird) and marks the mainstream comeback of famed thespian Choi Min-sik (Old Boy).

U.K. based film distribution company Optimum Releasing picked-up rights to the thriller which is close to wrapping production and due out locally in late-summer. Optimum had previously bought rights to several Korean films including The Host and Chaw for U.K. release. Taiwanese distributor Catchplay and Turkey’s Bir Film also purchased release rights to the film. In addition, Finecut previously struck a major sales deal with ARP for France during the Cannes festival market. ARP had bought rights to KIM’s 2008 feature The Good, The Bad, The Weird. Kim’s filmography includes A Bittersweet Life (2005), A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) and The Foul King (2000).

I Saw the Devil is the tale of an extreme psychopath (played by Choi) who kills for pleasure. When the daughter of a retired police chief becomes victim of his next horrific pleasure-kill, her fiancé, a secret agent (played by Lee), tracks him down and designs a vengeance as gruesome as is in his power to deliver.

Source: Nigel D’Sa (KOFIC)


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