Movieweek 2010 Beautiful Hunnie

MovieWeek’s Most Beautiful Face 2010
Jeon Do Yeon-Taecyeon picked by photographers as having the most beautiful faces

Our gratitude to melusine at for the cool highlight

Actor Lee Byung Hun received invariable comments leading to a favorable response which photographers stated as “a stylized look yet constantly giving out new, and natural attraction”

Photographers’ comments @ Movieweek

Movieweek’s Annual List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Male/Female Celebrities <2010 list+pics>

1. Taecyeon
2. Lee Byung-Hun
3. Won Bin
4. Jang Dong-Gun
5. Lee Jung-Jae
6. Jang Hyuk
7. Cha Seung-Won
8. Kang Dong-Won
9. Bi
10. Lee Min-Ho

1. Jeon Do-Yeon
2. Kim Hye-Soo
3. Shin Min-Ah
4. Son Ye-Jin
5. Shin Se-Kyung
6. Gong Hyo-Jin
7. Ha Ji-Won
8. Song Hye-Kyo
9. Han Hyo-Joo
10. Uhm Jung-Hwa


2 responses

  1. kkate59

    LBH should have been number 1. Greetings from Toronto.

    July 6, 2010 at 3:00 am

  2. binggacious

    yer right kkate59, LBH should have been number 1! the best among his contemporaries in this side of korean showbiz/entertainment.

    July 6, 2010 at 12:28 pm

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