Byunghun-nim, I love you

June 22, 2010

2PM’s TaecYeon: “Byeongheon-nim, I love you”

The young singer-actor from Cinderella’s Sister posted the photo on his twitter on June 21.

옥택연의 이병헌따라잡기!ㅋㅋ 아직 아이리스의 흔적이 여기저기보인답니당! 이병헌님 사랑해요 twitpic

Source: taeccool l l

Taecyeon mimicks Lee Byung Hun
by jeshicaa on June 22, 2010

2PM member, Taecyeon revealed a picture of himself mimicking Lee Byung Hun of KBS 2TV IRIS on his twitter.

On Taecyeon’s twitter, he posted up the picture and tweeted, “Ok Taecyeon mimicking Lee Byung Hun. There are still traces of IRIS here and there. Lee Byung Hun sir, I love you”

Taecyeon has revealed in the past that Lee Byung Hun was his idol, so this proves that his love for him is still strong and steady!


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