Saw Devil Showdown

June 23, 2010

2010 Action-thrillers

Lee Byunghun-Choi Minsik ‘I Saw the Devil’ No.1 Most Anticipated Acting Showdown

1. I Saw the Devil (Choi Min Sik, Lee Byung Hun, Dir. Kim Ji Woon) 52%
2. Unfair Trading (Hwang Jung Min, Ryu Seung Beom) 23%
3. Troubleshooter (Sul Kyung Gyu, Lee Jung Jin)13%
4. Mujeokja (Song Seung Hun, Joo Jin Mo) 11%


Most anticipated return of famous Director, poll at

1. Dir. Kim Ji Woon (I Saw the Devil) 64.5%
2. Dir. Ryu Seung Wan (Unfair Trading) 15.3%
3. Dir. Song Hae Seung (Mujeokja) 10.2%
4. Dir. Lee Jeong Beom (The Man from Nowhere) 10.1%

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