Cool Actors, Devil Madness

Thanks to the highlight at GBW cafe.daum 6037, ‘I Saw the Devil’ interview with Choi Min Sik, Dir. Kim Ji Woon and Lee Byunghun-ssi plus behind-the-scene footage from the filming. I think this is another feature, apart from the MBC SectionTV interview which we will share later as soon as it becomes available. ^^

It definitely looks like Choi Min Sik is very funny, fun and approachable actor Posted Image which is really great as the scenes in ISTD are so incredibly brutal, extremely rough and totally insane. I tend to think Dir. Kim is letting Byunghun to really vent out all his anger in the movie. Byunghun’s acting is nothing like we’ve ever seen before.. he’s just amazingly DIFFERENT and INTENSE conveying that unthinkable ‘demonic’ conflict within him. We all know how BH excels in strong romantic & charming leading-man roles but undeniably he’s really, really really the best in any action thriller noir.

And it’s so cool to see how CMS and LBH are so just funny off-screen.. they’re already like buddies even though this is like the first time working together. Posted Image


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