Reading IRIS

As reported way earlier before the broadcast last year..

July 21, 2010
Drama ‘IRIS’ graphic novel published


Drama IRIS to be published as graphic novel

Ever-famous drama IRIS will now be remade into a series of graphic novels, guaranteed to satisfy your visual experience using plain illustrations and text.

Graphic novels are often described as “high-quality comics,” as each and every page composes of life-like drawings. As you could see in the excerpt above, the details in each drawing are very stunning.

Unlike the original plot, IRIS the graphic novel will narrate a story of HyunJun, who works as chef’s assistant at a restaurant. HyunJun will then get involved with a mysterious case of gang homicide.

Creek & River Korea revealed that IRIS graphic novel will be produced by Lee Hyun Sae, Yim Suk Nam, and Choi Sung Hyun.



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