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August 6, 2010

Dir. Kim Ji Woon: Endless Expression from Lee Byung Hun

The director of the summer thriller ‘I Saw the Devil’ has nothing but high praises for Lee Byung Hun who played the leading role alongside actor Choi Min Sik in the now controversial movie due the restricted rating by the KMRB. The director commanded LBH’s expressive acting that truly conveys the perfect persona of Suhyeon, the man struck by tragedy losing his love to a brutal serial killer and in the process lost himself in unthinkable revenge and raging madness.

Distinctive emotions by Lee Byung Hun is leaving a strong impression to the director especially the eye-expressive details and wide-range of emotional (suppressed & explosive) acting. According to Dir. Kim, Lee Byung Hun efficiently portrays the feeling of being in love, grief, anger and revenge with such commitment that each emotions were fully maximized to evoke a well-deserved brilliant praise for his strong performance. “Suhyeon had implemented a complete confident portrait that left me wondering the end of his expressive detail,” commented Dir. KJW in his accolade.

Source: news.nate.com 12


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