The Charm of Byunghun’s signature

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May 2, 2011 (LBH-related gist only)

Optimistic Charm: Signatures of the Stars
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Lee Byung Hun’s signature is said to be giving a designer effect of soft-feeling & good impact with its beautifully written name in Hangul. If we look at Byunghun’s signature, we can actually see the Hangul characters that he writes with such charming style. It’s definitely a signature that’s professional, precise and never once all over the place. 

An online newspaper specializing in K-entertainment called ‘Dispatch‘ was launched on 30/03/2011 and to commemorate its first month, published the congratulatory messages sent by well-known Korean actors, singers and pop-groups. Showcasing these celebrity signatures is an article generalizing the handwritten gestures into 3 categories.

◆ Hangul or English
◆ shape or shed
◆ drawing or decorating


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