Cobra Strikes, Storm Shadow returns

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jonmchu Jon M. Chu
@RAYPARKACTION we are gonna have a good time! I got some good surprises for good ol’ Snake Eyes out here….
2 minutes ago

@jonmchu Can’t wait to get started with Joe. Looking forward 2 working with u;) Have fun out there!!
2 hours ago

No Storm Shadow tweets, though..

May 1, 2011

WizardWorld Anaheim 2011: Exclusive Interview with Ray Park
By Gig Patta

Snake Eyes doesn’t say much. But actor Ray Park will.

In an exclusive brief interview at WizardWorld Anaheim, Park discussed about his upcoming reprised role of Snake Eyes in the “G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes.” He officially confirmed his reprisal by Twitter last month.

Other confirmed actors returning for the sequel include Channing Tatum as Duke and Lee Byung-hun as Storm Shadow.

According to Nola this weekend, the John Chu-directed sequel will begin production later this summer on August 1st in Louisiana.

Park could not reveal specific details due to confidentiality reasons, but he was willing to make a brief statement about his reprisal.

Here is the interview:

Talk about how excited you’re returning to “G.I. Joe 2.”

Ray Park: I’m really thrilled. I’m really excited. For me, it was living my childhood to be a ninja and a commando. I grew up watching the cartoon and looking at the comics.

I was more of a cartoon guy growing up. For me it’s all about being a ninja, play with the swords and play with my martial arts as Snake Eyes. I’m thrilled. I’m really looking forward to stepping up my training and getting in touch with Snake Eyes again. We’re going to be start shooting soon. I just can’t wait. I’m really excited.

What do you expect of your character the second time around—more or just about the same?

Ray Park: The expectations come down to what I give of what I want to do. I can’t leak out anything about the script. I’m just going to give out a 1,000 percent like I did for the first one. I’ll do the best I can and be true to Snake Eyes and on who he is. I sort of feel that I breathe and know a lot about him to [the point] that he is part of me now.

Have you done a little bit of costuming already?

Ray Park: It’s really early stages right now.

How did you get the part in the first place?

Ray Park: I’m signed up to do three movies, which I am happy about. When I heard when they were going to film my “G.I. Joe” movie and Snake Eyes was involved—I made as many phone calls to people I knew that might be able to help me. Just to get my name in through the doors to come in and audition. All I wanted to do is audition. I want to say, “Hey, look. Just have a look at me. I want to do this.” So I really wanted to play the part.

And a lot of my friends say, “Why would you want to play a part that you are covered up and you don’t speak since you are trying to get away from that?” But, I don’t care. It’s all about Snake Eyes.

So you’re a big fan of Snake Eyes?

Yeah, I love Snake Eyes. When I was growing up, I love Storm Shadow a lot as well. He was the bad guy ninja in white. I don’t care about not speaking and not seeing my face. I just wanted to play that part. I wanted to be Snake Eyes.

Are you looking forward to battle Storm Shadow again, right?

Ray Park: I can’t tell you anything. [Laughter] Just say I’m looking forward to being back and being Snakey.

April 29, 2011

G.I. Joe 2 Titled G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes
by Fiona

Forget about G.I. Joe, it’s time for the G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes! That’s the new and fresh title of the upcoming sequel that will be directed by Jon Chu.

At this moment we do know that Channing Tatum, Ray Park and Byung-hun Lee are returning for the sequel, although some rumors suggest that there will be a significantly smaller budget and cast this time around.

So, Byung-hun Lee will return as Storm Shadow, Ray Park will return as Snake Eyes and Channing Tatum will return as Captain Duke Hauser.

Paramount has settled on a release date for their sequel – August 10th, 2012, and Chu will direct the sequel from a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland).

Still no details about the plot, but as we previously reported, it looks that Chu wants to bring both the heart and the punch back to this franchise since he revealed:

“Joe, to me, is iconic. It is as American as Coke and the Boy Scouts. To have that kind of history in a brand is so rare these days. And that is so powerful. So you can’t treat Joe like its just another action movie.

You can’t treat Joe as just another petty commercial movie. Joe has history. Joe has always been a part of what America is, and now the world. What it means to be a leader and a hero. For me, it is about the fun stuff like Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, and all the gadgets. All of that stuff. But it has heart. Its heart is what America, and what heroes and leaders around the world, strive to be. I think that is what the brand needs. It needs the respect to be treated in that way.”

Shooting will begin at Crescent City, Louisiana on August 1st.


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