Korea’s Best Actors

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There were a number of other surveys by Enews24 that were more highlighted such as top entertainers, top stars, top singers, etc. Yet it’s more meaningful to see Lee Byung Hun in a Best Actor survey and deservingly at a high spot. Really admire the top 3 Best Actors and to see LBH in the company of SKH and ASK.. definitely makes it so much better.

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May 4, 2011

‘Who is Korea’s best actor’
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It seems a simple enough question, but not easy to predict the outcome. To find the answer, 355 people who participated in a survey conducted by Enews24 entertainment have concluded these results.

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This is clearly the most difficult category, finding the Best Actor with the Top 3 receiving really close points that it is hard to distinguish their superiority. The ‘Best Actor’ is chosen duly to the acting ability that each actor is living up to as well as the support of the masses.

Being well aware of the competitiveness, actor Song Kang Ho’s ‘Best Actor’ crown earned through his passionate performances mostly in movies. The actor who has never appeared in any dramas or tv entertainment programs, focusing on the bigger screen had concluded a standard of its own when his movies “The Host”, “Thirst” clinched box-office success instead with distinctive different flair of character every time.

However, Song Kang Ho’s position is closely followed by actors Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki with very small margin of difference between them. Both Lee and veteran star, Ahn are movie actors with solid acting skills plus strong personalities earning them absolute fans of their screen work. In particular, Lee Byung Hun through his debut Hollywood movie (GI Joe) have proved that through the expansion, domestic actors could certainly work in the world market.

Best Actor Top 10

1. Song Kang Ho (44 votes, 11.4%)
2. Lee Byung Hun (42 votes, 10.9%)
3. Ahn Sung Ki (41 votes, 10.6%)
4. Jeon Do Yeon (22 votes, 5.7%)
5. Jang Dong Gun (20 votes, 5.2%)
6. Choi Min Sik (20 votes, 5.2%)
7. Won Bin (16 votes, 4.1%)
8. Sul Kyung Gyu (15 votes, 3.9%)
9. Kim Yoon Seok (13 votes, 3.3%)
10. Kim Myung Min (12 votes, 3.1%)


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