Singapore STYLE:MEN May 2011 featuring LBH

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STYLE:MEN May 2011 Singapore

Acting Class
Korean heartthrob LEE BYUNG-HUN has megastar looks, TALENT and a ton of CHARISMA
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Text: Bobby Lee, Photography: Kim Young Jun, Styling: Jeong Yun Kee

“Today’s celebrity world smacks so much of fleeting fancy that it takes more than a pretty package to go the distance. So when a star like korean hunk like LEE BYUNG-HUN manages to still command interest after two decades in the business, you’re convinced that he has staying star power.

Chiselled jaw, lustrous hair and sculpted physique aside, sexy 40-year-old Lee Byung Hun proves that he has the acting chops and can even survive a touch of scandal to stay in the spotlight.

Making his debut in 1991 with television drama Asphalt My Hometown, the dashing star made a greater impact the following year with drama Tomorrow Love, which also established him as a heartthrob. While he had already started acting in movies, it was his silver-screen performance in 1999 in The Harmonium in My Memory that received great attention. Two years later, film director Park Chan-Wook’s Joint Security Area cemented his movie-star status. His character was a border-guard soldier who crossed to North Korea nightly and forged a friendship with a soldier on the opposing side. So compelling was his performance in the top-rossing film, he won the 2000 Pusan Film Critics Awards jointly with co-actor Song Kang-Ho (who played the North Korean).

Lee has displayed his versatility with a series of diverse roles. In 2005, he gave another fine performance in the mafia movie, A Bittersweet Life. The movie premiered at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and was well received by critics. He then broke into the international market with a cameo appearance in Japanese box office hit Hero, in 2007, and followed his first villain role in director Ji-woon Kim’s The Good, the Bad, and the Weird, which was mostly shot in China. In 2008, he acted in multi-national film I Come with the Rain with American actor Josh Hartnett. The multi-talented Lee also exhibited his singing prowess, releasing a single in the same year that was a hit on the Japanese charts.

The actor had a brush with scandal in 2009 when his Canadian-Korean ex-girlfriend sued him for luring her into a sexual relationship with him with the false promises of marriage. But this did little to mar his star status and he continued to forge ahead with his career.

He had a supporting role in the 2009 American film, G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and he made television drama IRIS in that same year, which garnered Top Foreign Project as well as a Best Actor in Asia Award for Lee at the Tokyo Drama Awards in 2010. Last year, he starred in Korean Thriller I Saw the Devil and is reprising his role as Storm Shadow in G.I.Joe 2, which is set to be released in 2012.

Recently, the star- who also owns a management company – donated over US$600,000 to the Japan Relief Funds through the Red Cross. Looks, talent, charisma and a heart of gold to top it all off. He’s certainly got the goods.”



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