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Our gratitude to the original source & highlight of the update, article posted at LBH-soompi / Do join us at the website for more Lee Byung Hun compiled updates & continuous fan-sharing.
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Please check out the BH Entertainment Website!  It’s looking really wonderful and awesome now! I haven’t seen all but it’s just so cool to see the English page, up & running!

Congratulations Byunghun-ssi & BH Entertainment!

BH Entertainment 

May 14, 2011

LBH-BH Entertainment-JOFC Update
Source: JOFC

Hello dear fans. This is BH Entertainment
In Korea it’s now warm spring day, we hope the same in Japan.

Because of the earthquake recently, consequently the April fan meet & tour were unable to proceed which we are truly sorry. We hope everyone’s understanding of not being able to meet LBH as scheduled.

The filming of ‘GI Joe 2’ will begin in the United States starting August. As LBH will be spending most of second half of 2011 in the USA, we still plan to inform fans of his updates. In the meantime, please look forward to our recent project and collaboration with (JOFC) staff?

We sincerely appreciate your support and continuous love always.
Thank you in advance.

The original message






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