Lee Byung Hun: GI Joe sequel & possible Hollywood project

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May 30, 2011

Lee Byung Hun: GI Joe sequel and Hollywood Project
Source: Nate

Actor Lee Byung Hun who will start filming the sequel of GI Joe in August is also considering another offer by a major Hollywood studio. A BH Entertainment official on the 30th stated that, while there is still nothing definite on anything as yet, Lee Byung Hun will be in the USA for a long period of time filming the sequel, further discussion is expected on the (new) project.

The official also stated that the actor will fly to the United States at the end of June and in possible spare time in between shooting, hopes to start on planning & working in the new project.

Even before “G.I. Joe” sequel, Lee Byeong-heon gets Hollywood love call
Source: news.nate.com l hancinema.net

“This sequel’s narrative is even more lively than the first movie, and the script really hooks you. I’m looking forward to it.” (javabeans)

Top star Lee Byeong-Heon received a love call from Hollywood with the “G.I. Joe” sequel coming up.

Management BH Entertainment revealed, “Nothing has been confirmed yet. He is currently looking at a project from a major Hollywood studio”. It looks as though he will be meeting with the related people and get into details during the shooting of the “G.I.Joe” sequel.

BH Entertainment explained, “He will be flying to America at the end of June and will start filming the second “G.I.Joe” and will be meeting with the local studio and staff to talk more about it”.

Lee Byeong-Heon is filming “G.I.Joe” until the end of the year. Therefore, he has lots of time to look over the next project and can participate fully into the terms and conditions. Prior to the movie, he will be going to America in mid-June to confirm schedules and others.


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