Lee Byung Hun volunteering in Mali

Our gratitude to the original source & highlight of the update, article posted at LBH-soompi / EverythingLBH.com. Do join us at the website for more Lee Byung Hun compiled updates & continuous fan-sharing.
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An extended update & compilation here.

Message from BH to Japanese fans on June 3 via JOFC, our thanks to Sungja for the gist confirmation & ylin for the highlight

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June 3, 2011

LBH’s visit to Africa for “Road of Hope” KBS Program

Our fans, hello.

From 2-8th of last month, Byunghun-ssi have been on a visit to Mali in Africa for the filming of KBS program tentatively entitled “Hope Road”.

Because of the postponement of the fan-meeting event, the schedule had been empty. While it could be filled with resting, it’s been a meaningful experience participating in the program. Meeting with African children suffering from hunger and poverty have now concluded a very profound journey indeed. 

The broadcast of the program will be sometime in October – November.

Thank you.

Original article at Seoul Newspapers via Nate.com

Our utmost gratitude to lbhfan for the translation from Hong Kong via Apple Daily

The following is a translation of an article that appeared in HK’s “Apple Daily” on 4th June, 2011.

On 2nd May. Korean Actor Lee Byung Hun (LBH) flew to Mali, a west African nation for 9 days, participating in a KBS special documentary program. He visited the local population that are poor, sick and hungry. Everyday LBH would rise early and sweat without any complaint. LBH indicated that this is the first time that he had volunteered overseas. “In view of the cancellation postponement of the Japanese Fan Meet, I wanted to do something meaningful.”

In addition, he is also pleased that he can assist children in operations to regain their eyesight.


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