Lee Byung Hun & Zhang Zi Yi at ScreenSingapore 2011

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June 11, 2011

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The red carpet is glittering stars!

Lee Byunghun and Zhang ZiYi at the ‘Larry Crowne’ Gala Premiere

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Posing for cameras from left to right, are American actor Tom Hanks, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, Korean actor Lee Byung-Hun and producer Gary Goetzman during the red carpet gala premier of the movie “Larry Crowne.”

Star-studded closing night gala for ScreenSingapore 2011
By Han Wei Chou |channelnewsasia.com

SINGAPORE: Hordes of fans thronged the street outside the newly renovated Shaw Lido cineplex on Saturday to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars, during the red-carpet gala premiere of U.S. actor Tom Hank’s second directorial effort “Larry Crowne”.

International stars like Taiwan singer-actor Van Ness Wu, Korean superstar Lee Byung Hun, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and of course, Hanks himself walked down the red carpet for the film’s gala premiere, the closing night gala of the eight-day ScreenSingapore 2011.

And they were happy to be here, not just for the chance to be part of ScreenSingapore 2011, the first international film event held in Singapore, but also for an opportunity to enjoy the local delicacies.

Lee expressed that he liked the curry crab in Singapore while Zhang said she has a soft spot for the chicken rice here.

“I just had chicken rice this afternoon! I feel I have grown fatter after coming to Singapore!” said Zhang.

Unfortunately, Hanks, who arrived in Singapore on Friday afternoon and departs tomorrow, did not get to explore the island much, or sample some Singaporean cuisine.

“Singapore is beautiful; I wish I could’ve seen more of it. “I’ve been in cars and rooms. I’ve been a few more rooms and a few more cars,” joked Hanks, who is best known for his work in “Forest Gump” and the television miniseries “Band of Brothers”.

However, the 54-year-old Hollywood veteran, who wrote, directed and produced “Larry Crowne”, said he plans to return to Singapore under less hectic circumstances.

“It’s funny. What happens a lot of the time [is], you come for the first time … you get the lay of the land, so the next time you come you know exactly what to do. “So next time, when they say ‘Will you go to Singapore”‘, I’ll say ‘Yeah but only if you let me go three days in advance’,” said Hanks, flashing a wide grin. “I gotta try that fish head noodle shop!”

“Larry Crown” sees Hanks playing the titular protagonist, a middle aged man who decides to turn his life around by going back to school after losing his job.

The comedy, which also stars U.S. actress Julia Roberts, will hit Singapore theatres in July. -CNA

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, left, and Korean actor Lee Byung-Hun pose during the red carpet movie premier of the movie “Larry Crowne” on Saturday June 11, 2011 in Singapore.(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

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