Anticipating Byunghun-ssi the Storm Shadow!

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An extended update & compilation here. A cool Storm Shadow MV by Ayu.


June 13, 2011

G.I Joe: Lee Byung Hun’s Hollywood Status Confirmed
Source: Star News by jbarky at

The upcoming Hollywood blockbuster film “G.I. Joe 2” has changed many of its characters after the first film however Lee Byung Hun’s character will actually have more focus.

Besides Channing Tatum, Ray Park, and Lee Byung Hun most of the other main characters are being replaced. For the second film the French actress Elodie Young will play the role of a ninja.

Paramount pictures made the decision to only keep the actors for the more popular characters Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes because the first film did not meet expectations.

Lee Byung Hun’s character Storm Shadow was depicted as having died in the first film, but he will appear in the second film with a different look and continue his battle against Snake Eyes.

Lee Byung Hun will leave for the U.S at the end of June and begin to prepare for filming of “G.I. Joe 2”. Filming will begin in July or August and Lee Byung Hun will go to the U.S in order to prepare by practicing martial arts.

Lee Byung Hun confirmed for “G.I. Joe 2″
Source + Photo: Star News by VITALSIGN via

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It’s been confirmed that actor Lee Byung Hun will return to Hollywood for the blockbuster sequel, “G.I. Joe”.

On June 13th, Hollywood Report revealed that excluding Channing Tatum, Ray Park, and Lee Byung Hun, the cast of the first movie has been overhauled. Actress Elodie Yung is currently in talks of joining the line-up.

Although Lee Byung Hun’s character, ‘Storm Shadow’, was presumably dead in the first movie, producers have revealed that he will be returning with a new, more powerful image.

Lee Byung Hun will be leaving for the States this month to begin his preparations for filming, which is scheduled for late July or early August.

June 15, 2011

Via twitter of jonmchu Jon M. Chu, photo from
Ninjas never die.

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Lee Byung Hun reprises role in “G.I. Joe 2″
By Catherine Deen | oK Pop

Korean superstar Lee Byung Hun has been confirmed for the second installment of the Hollywood movie “G.I. Joe”. The actor will reprise his role as “Storm Shadow” in the first installment “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”.

Lee Byung Hun is one of Korea’s top male entertainers. The handsome star won several acting awards including the 2010 Tokyo Drama Award, the 2010 Seoul Arts and Culture Award and the 2010 Paeksang Award for his role in the hit action drama “Iris” and the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards for “10 Best International Actors of the Decade”. He is also a well-established hallyu star with several popularity awards under his belt including the 2010 Seoul International Drama Awards’ Male Hallyu Star and 2010 China Music and Asian Influential Awards for Best Asian Influential International Actor.

Lee Byung Hun’s fans are delighted to hear he will reprise his role in the second “G.I. Joe” film because his character “Storm Shadow” presumably died in the first installment. Writers and producers think otherwise, though, as they will be bringing back a stronger and fiercer “Storm Shadow” for “G.I. Joe 2”. Lee Byung Hun is set to leave for the United States by June. The film is scheduled for release in August 2012.

Those who wish to experience Lee Byung Hun’s talent may try watching his Korean drama “IRIS” or his box office hit movie, a Korean western, entitled “The Good, The Bad, the Weird”.


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