Leaving mid-July for Aug Filming of ‘Cobra Strikes’

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July 5, 2011

Lee Byung-hun to film “G.I.Joe 2” starting August
Reporter: Ko Kyoung-seok kave@ Editor: Jessica Kim jesskim@ <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> l Nate

Actor Lee Byung-hun [BH Entertainment]

Actor Lee Byung-hun will leave for the U.S. next week to film Hollywood’s sequel to blockbuster movie “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.”

An official at Lee’s agency BH Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone on Tuesday that the actor plans to depart for the U.S. early in the week to get ready for the filming of the movie, now known simply as “G.I. Joe 2,” set to start in August.

While in the U.S., Lee will also meet with other producers interested in casting the actor for their productions, the official at BH added.

“About two to three projects have inquired into his schedule but they’re basic inquiries and we have not made any detailed progress regarding his appearance in the projects as of yet,” explained the official.

The 40-year-old actor, long considered one of the most popular actors in Korea, made his Hollywood debut through the hit action figure pic from 2009, playing the role of Storm Shadow opposite actors Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller.

“G.I. Joe 2,” in which Lee’s role is said to have been given more weight than in the first movie, will film for four months before premiering in August 2012.

Lee Byung-heon To Leave For The US For G.I. Joe 2
Source: KBS Global
Top star Lee Byung-heon will be leaving Korea to start filming for G.I. Joe 2 mid-July.

According to BH Entertainment reps on July 6th, Lee will be leaving Korea mid-July for the shooting. Originally the plans were for the heartthrob to take off late June, but it was postponed. Lee wanted to take care of all commercial shoots here in Korea beforehand so he can focus solely on the G.I. Joe project, which is expected to last into November.

On a related note, the rep was asked about the Hallyu star’s plans regarding his younger sister’s upcoming wedding set for the fall season. The agency official replied that the wedding date has yet to be set.

Lee starred in the first of what is now set to become the G.I. Joe series, as Storm Shadow. Him having been re-chosen to continue on into the second installment, along with main star Channing Tatum, just goes to show the big nod Lee received through this movie from Hollywood.

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