Nate News Byunghun Lee to film ROC sequel

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July 21, 2011

Lee Byung Hun featured at 0:461:21 of the news clip from Captures by

July 24, 2011

Hollywood-bound Byunghun
Translated from Bintang Asia, Mingguan Malaysia Pancaindera page 24

Early July, actor Lee Byunghun was reported by the media to return to the US to star in the sequel GI Joe 2.

True to his words, Byunghun through his agency, BH Entertainment confirmed the report and released press photos showing the actor leaving South Korea last Wednesday. “Lee Byunghun will be reprising his The Rise of Cobra role, Storm Shadow in the upcoming sequel tentatively titled GI Joe: Cobra Strikes.”

The filming is set to start on August 15 through November 24 in New Orleans, Louisiana. “Byunghun had left early to be acclimatized with the weather and local surrounding, as well as to familiarize himself with Storm Shadow in the new movie.”

GI Joe: Cobra Strikes will be directed by John Chu, known for the movie Step Up. Other cast for the 2012 released sequel are Ray Park, Channing Tatum, Stephen Martines, Dwayne Johnson, DJ Cotrona and Adrianne Palicki.

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