‘Share The Vision’ to be Released September 3

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August 1, 2011

Lee Byung Hun’s 4D Music Video Movie ‘Share The Vision’ to be Released September 3 
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Actor Lee Byung Hun’s new music video in 4D movie format has been confirmed to be released on September 3, 2011.

Entitled “Share the Vision”, the 33-min movie is directed by IRIS’ PD Yang Yun Ho and distributed by H Plus Communication. The first 4D music film movie will be consisting of 3 music videos by South Korean popular artists — Soul Man, 4Men and Im Jae Beom participating brilliantly with the genre of film music in every aspect of the OST.

‘Share the Vision’ is about a life-altering encounter of a man’s dream for success to seek a new vision boosting the combination of actors Lee Byung Hun, Bae Soo Bin and Lee Soo Kyung. ‘Share the Vision’ poster have been published showcasing the overwhelming charisma and soft, passionate Lee Byung Hun — embodied the true dream of seeking personal success. The smiling actor wearing a racing suit, highlights a new makeover of Lee Byung Hun.

The trilogy to be presented are ‘Share The Vision,’ ‘Vision of Mind’ and ‘Believe in Vision’ with the movie official website at sharethevision.co.kr

July 29, 2011

4MEN Release MV Teaser For ‘Vision of Love’
BY PHILLIP fareastvibes.com

Korean group 4MEN release their music video teaser for new song Vision Of Love!

From the start of the teaser intense vocals fill your ears! Vision of Love‘s MV will be heavily story driven as it’s part of the OST to a movie, one of which stars actor Lee Byung Hun. Playing behind the movie clips are 4MEN‘s impressive and powerful ballad vocals, ones that I find to be a perfect fit for the movie’s theme. Vision of Love will definitely be something fans will anticipate!

Copied from blog.naver.com
Lee Byung Hun & Lee Soo Kyung (Dear Heaven, Daemul)

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