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September 7, 2011

Special Documentary: The Power Film Makers
Source:  PlanetBH0712 and CINE21 l Nate 1 l 2 l gist by

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Cable Channel CGV will be broadcasting a 4-part documentary film “The Power of Movies: the story of home theater” for its 10th anniversary. The broadcast will be for 4 weeks from September 11 onwards which the documentary will be featuring various interviews with the story and humor, on how to create an actor, director, screenwriter, Technology around the film to tell the tale.

Part 1
Featuring actors Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Hwang Jung Min, Ha Jung Woo and other well-known thespians to share their thoughts on acting, the characters they play and the relations with the production as well as conflict solutions.

Part II
Featuring top directors Lee Myung Se, Bong Joon Ho, Kim Ji Woon, Kwak Kyung Taek, Kang Hyung Chul and many more about the domestic film industry – the joy and loneliness, as well as anxiety and suffering in film-making.

Part III
Featuring the screenwriters for screenplays in movies ‘Unfair Trade’, ‘I Saw the Devil’ etc – the tangled plot of the storyteller expanding the scenario in engaging films.

Part IV
Featuring the technology, and exposing the intrigues of behind the scenes situation in film technology – to be opened to the public.

Airing Schedule

Sunday September 11th 9:00 a.m.
Tuesday September 13th 6:00 a.m. 8:20 a.m.
Friday, September 16,
September 17 Saturday, 08:40


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