Less is More

After much deliberation, it’s regrettable to announce that this blog will not be updated as before. This is mainly because we are focusing on updating and sharing at LBH-soompi discussion thread as well as the EverythingLBH.com on everything Lee Byung Hun.

As there are only 2 of us managing the website and to keep the discussion active at soompi, this blog is more than often neglected with late updates (which are usually replicates of what’s been posted at soompi and usually the brief version of the detailed website entry), it is probably the appropriate solution in order to maintain the quality of sharing. I sincerely apologize to LBH fans who has been checking the blog daily, especially those who subscribes to it. But as we wanted to continue sharing more efficiently about Lee Byung Hun, there’s the adjustment we had to make.

If you like to talk about Lee Byung Hun, to read updates of him or to share anything about the actor, please please join us atLBH-soompi.com where there is an active fan-discussion English thread for him which is updated almost daily. Currently it’s an open section of the soompi forum but we would love to have more fans register as members so that we can get to know and share much better & actively every day.

For those looking for just news updates, articles and info about Lee Byung Hun minus the fan-frills, there is theEverythingLBH.com that we hope will help you understand & appreciate the actor more. We really hope there will be more international English-speaking fans who will join us sharing about Lee Byung Hun as we like him a lot.

We hope you will understand this inevitable change and continue to share & support actor Lee Byung Hun at the abovementioned international fans’ outlets.

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