A recap: 2012.1-5

June 4, 2012

Editorial: January – May 2012

After a year and a half of faithfully reporting on everything we could find on the internet concerning Mr. Lee Byung Hun, we have decided we also want to once in a while express our thoughts and feelings about what he is doing and what is happening to him. So we have decided to issue an editorial post every so often – depending on how much is going on – where we will re-cap the latest happenings and appearances, and tell you what we think about it.

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After spending months in New Orleans filming the GI Joe sequel, we finally saw Lee Byung Hun in the new year and what a 2012 it will be. To start it off, it’s LBH’s longtime friend, manager and BH Entertainment CEO Son Seok Woo’s wedding with Mr. Lee as the emcee of the ceremony, most definitely. It’s also the week it was announced that Lee Eun Hee finally to be married in March after several unconfirmed news in 2011. Well, can they have a wedding without the main man of the family around?

Mid-January, while promoting his movie ‘Mysterious Island’, Hollywood actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had praised LBH at a press conference in Taiwan. “It was a great experience working with Lee. We became good friends while filming GI Joe. As an actor, he has such a tremendous aura about him. I was drawn to him from the first time we met. He’s also very humble yet sure of himself and has such a presence in the film.” And so, the GI Joe: Retaliation promo wheels have begun rolling. Popular Section TV also ran a sweet feature on LBH while he was in New Orleans, talking to the actor as well as a sneak gush with the director.

On January 24, a solo BH was spotted at the Incheon airport enroute to LA. Business or personal trip or both?

February started big-time with GI Joe: Retaliation hitting the promos hard at the Super Bowl TV Spot creating the attention it wanted. Oh, throw in the highly-anticipated toyline and appearances & interviews by the director and cast at the American International Toy Fair. No small feat to say the least.

In the meantime, at #7, LBH makes it in the list of 17 top box-office hitmakers in Korea since 2005. Not bad at all and well-deserved. Of course, this year he’ll be back on home screens in his first ever Sageuk playing the King Gwanghaegun and his pauper doppledanger. Two of Lee Byung Hun in one movie, let’s bring it on! Not short on weddings in February, time for actor Ko Soo to walk down the aisle on the 17th. Ever the cool senior and committed friend, the-busy-filming-King Gwanghae appeared as the wedding emcee yet again (on request of KS) and to the super delight of LBH fans all over.. why, you’d ask – lots of Hunnielicious photos, of course!

As GI Joe: Retaliation trailers being released, its producer Lorenzo diBonaventura in an interview clip praised LBH on his improved English skills in the new movie as well as confirming a bigger role for Storm Shadow. Yay, we can’t be happier to hear that! On the homefront, BH joined other leading movie stars together on Arena Homme Plus pictorial March 2012 edition as they celebrate the 10 years of Cinematheque. Really suave pictorial for a cool theme.

March was a merry month as detailed plan and preparation went underway for Lee Eun Hee’s much awaited wedding. As the happy and proud brother of the bride, Lee Byung Hun was all in making sure the wedding the most beautiful ever. And not to be outdone, LBH’s international manager Mr. Charles Pak also tied the knot just days after.

As follow-up to the Adoption Campaign in 2010, LBH donated his hats to a good cause in a celebrity auction. More sweet news as Lee Byung Hun appointed the voice for Hyundai’s new brand advertisement and global campaign. More fan treat as the Chinese edition of April 2012 Cosmopolitan’s 12-question interview with Lee Byung Hun had shared some pretty cool and heart-warming tidbits about the actor.

But is this an April Fools’ joke? Lee Byung Hun and actress Lee Min Jung are dating? No, they are not though they’ve known each other and spotted at the family dinner. But the media seemed to think otherwise. Still on love-calls as they say in Korea, Battleship Director Peter Berg had enthusiastically claimed that “I’m a big fan of Mr. Lee’s and if any of you know him, please let him know that we’ll be very interested in letting Korea kick some butt in the sequel.” However.. after the sinking of Battleship, would that hope float?

Hot on a posters’ galore trail for GI Joe: Retaliation, co-star Bruce Willis had high regards for LBH, “I love that guy. I have my own heroes and I have guys I look up to and he’s one of them. He’s just a great guy and tough guy and really sweet. And very easy to get along with and we’re all really happy to have him in the film..” Lee Byung Hun appeared at ‘GI Joe: Retaliation’ Press Day on April 25, responding to Bruce Willis’ praise, working in Hollywood, well everything about work but no personal questions, nom nom nom.

Good thing that good things come in twos. After the incredible amount of photos at the GI Joe press day.. no less than 450 captures, the dashing LBH attended the 48th Baeksang Arts Award ceremony as the presenter for the last & best 2 awards, the Grand Prize Daesang on April 26. Not to mention his warm encounter with Best Actor Ahn Sung Ki whom together they’ll be honored in LA on June 23.. so, mark the date!

But hey, just as we thought LBH would be busy playing King, a photo on the red carpet caught the attention of everyone and this was no ordinary event but the MET Gala 2012 at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Does he ever pause for a moment? Apparently not as few days after that Lee Byung Hun confirmed his role in Hollywood film RED 2 alongside Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren plus Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins. From the Joes to Hollywood gold?

Despite not having a movie at the 65th Cannes Film Festival, we were treated with Hunnie sightings at the French Riviera annual fest when GI Joe: Retaliation banner spotted at the Carlton Paris while a teaser poster for RED 2 already boosting LBH’s name amongst the heavyweights. Lee Byung Hun’s influence in the 2012 Cannes Film Market had also resulted in better sales for the upcoming sequel in Korea.

Yet the biggest MAYhem came from two situation – the already expected cancellation of the proposed Lee Byung Hun Paris Fan Meeting 2012, set out last year by the French fans for a chance to meet the actor upclose — it was not meant to be. Why aren’t we surprised?

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And Damn Damn Damn (have you heard the Avril Lavigne’s song).. out of nowhere.. in just 5 weeks to its 2012 release, GI Joe: Retaliation was shockingly postponed to March 29, 2013 citing major 3D overhaul which in no time inciting major criticisms from all over the globe. Well, there goes the June 15th GI Joe: Retaliation press conference and world premiere in Seoul. Nice going, Paramount.. you better not mess up any of Storm Shadow’s screentime.

Last but not least, for now – a little extra something for Lee Byung Hun as our international star exclusively appointed as Nautica Outdoor Exclusive Model Congrats and be happy, but with just one movie showing in 2010, 2011, 2012.. can we hope that there’ll be more acting projects instead? Dramas would be a dream but more movies, please pretty please.

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