No.1 Star with the best Hot Body

June 10, 2012

‘Section TV’ crowns Lee Byung Hun, the star with best Hot Body
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In the broadcast of MBC’s ‘Section TV’ on the 10th, top actor Lee Byung Hun’s perfect butterfly muscles have been voted the No. 1 hot body amongst the male celebrities. The popularity ranking segment in the entertainment program had revealed that Lee Byung Hun who has a normal body since his debut had achieved a well-toned body through the rigorous training resulting in beautiful reversed triangular upper body muscles. 

With LBH’s advancement into Hollywood, the appearance of a more robust and perfect body, his absolute commitment had drew admiration.

Lee Byung Hun’s no. 1 spot is followed by actors Taecyeon, So Ji Sub and Cha In Pyo.

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user posted image


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