A Star Date with LBH in LA (with Eng.subs)

Fan-compilation at EverythingLBH.com

July 7, 2012

KBS2 Entertainment Weekly feat. Interview with Lee Byung Hun in LA
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In a rough fan-gist based on Nate-Google translation and captures, Entertainment Weekly (aired on July 7)  featured more of Lee Byung Hun’s interview in LA.

The main topic seemed to be Byunghun-ssi opening up about his 20+year acting career and how he felt confusion or regret(??) when he first saw what he had to wear as Storm Shadow in ROC — meaning the mask, if  not mistaken. He may have said why did he ever leave Korea.. or something like that. LOL!

The KBS2 feature (from the captures) also showed the unforgettable crying scene he had in Beautiful My Lady when he was tearing up while eating his mom’s soup for the very first time. In the 1996 drama series, LBH’s character was an orphan, fighting his way in boxing matches and being a gangster while never stop looking for his mother. Seeing himself in his very early acting days really cracked him up. ^^

There were other tidbits shared by BH in the interview.. something about his English skills and how he was at the set of ROC in the early days being in Hollywood.. not too sure on this, him being seen a junior actor despite his years in Korean movies. Sure hope we’d have a great English gist on the KBS interview. Lee Byunghun-ssi also mentioned the working relationship and friendship he shared with Dir. KJW throughout BSL-GBW-ISTD.. it’ll be great to read what the two men really said about this.


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