Gwanghae: The King & Queen

It’s been enlightening just recently watched Han Hyo Joo’s ‘Dong Yi’ which showed one of her best acting to date, imo. While there might be early concern of seeing a repetition of character, it’s good to note that there’s a different aura in Gwanghae particularly by HHJ. Definitely a mature and precise new character altogether complementing Byunghun’s Gwanghae.

And of course, HHJ got to be the Queen that she was not in Dong Yi. ^^

August 8, 2012

Han Hyo Joo becomes an elegant queen in the movie Gwanghae

Source: TV Report via eternalc2h
Actress Han Hyo Joo recently attracted attention by becoming an elegant queen. In the movie Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King (directed by Choo Chang Min and produced by CJ Entertainment Realize Pictures), Han plays the role of an elegant queen who has forgotten how to smile because of conspiracy and veiled enmity in the palace.
The queen is a woman who has a strong personality and tries hard not to get affected by all the political intrigues in the palace. She worries about her husband, Gwanghae (played by Lee Byung Hun), who loses his reason and becomes a mad person. However, she gets her smile back as Gwanghae changes little by little.
According to reports, Han was praised by the crew by perfectly portraying an graceful, elegant queen who has a very clear view and dignity. Her graceful look in hanbok and sad yet beautiful face attract a lot of attention because she looks modern yet very traditional. Han worked with Lee Byung Hun for the first time in this film.
Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King is a historical film about Ha Sun (played by Lee Byung Hun), a lowly person who becomes a king instead of Gwanghae who is in danger of being poisoned to death. Choo Chang Min, who directed Late Blossom, Lost in Love, and Mapado, directed the film. It will be released in September.
Thanks to Barbara for the cool highlight at, captures fromNew King 2012 Gwanghae naver-blog 

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