Fan forum & website to share about LBH

Lee Byung Hun’s latest movie ‘Masquerade’ (aka ‘Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King’) opens in North American cities on September 21, today.  Fans in the US (+ Hawaii) and Canada through selected theaters would be able to catch the movie and enjoy the performance of our Byunghun-ssi. ‘Masquerade’ opened in Seoul on September 13 at #1 and at current time, have exceeded the 2 million audience admission rate and going strong. The movie and Byunghun especially have been well-received with rave and positive feedback all around.. in Korea and at the L.A. screening recently.

Please check out the ticket info and showtimes of movie screenings at the official Masquerade website — > HERE

For continuous info, (daily) updates, latest photos and active sharing about actor Lee Byung Hun, please join us at the international fan discussion thread at forum –> HERE (hope to meet more LBH fans there! ^^)

For chronological specific  compilation of news, photos and articles about LBH, please check out the English fansite at


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