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February 6, 2013

Lee Byung Hun’s Sister Shows Off Her Tight Relationship with Lee Min Jung

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Actor Lee Byung Hun’s sister Lee Eun Hee, a former Miss Korea (1996), revealed her close relationship with Lee Byung Hun’s girlfriend, actress Lee Min Jung.


Lee Eun Hee explained the photos were taken at the opening ceremony of her restaurant, My Suji, when Lee Min Jung visited to congratulate her.

Lee Eun Hee previously posted the photos of her and Lee Min Jung last December, but the photos resurfaced recently on My Suji′s blog.

Lee shared, “Lee Min Jung loves Italian food and is a mania, so I was a bit nervous to hear her unbiased comments on the food, but I was happy and relieved to see her enjoy the dishes.”

She continued, “The news reported that Min Jung came because of my brother but actually she came because we are close. We hang out from time to time, just talking and eating together – I was too busy on the restaurant’s opening day with the opening ceremony and celebration.”

She added, “I was sad we didn’t get to really talk that day but Min Jung visited me by surprise not too long ago. We had a really good time eating Thai food and catching up.”

Meanwhile, world star Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung acknowledged their relationship last August (2012).

Clip & Photo Credit: My Suji blog



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