2013 Action Men: SHK vs LBH vs HJM

March 6, 2013
2013 Action Men: Shin Ha Kyun vs Lee Byung Hun vs Hwang Jung Min
Movies: Running Man vs Storm Shadow vs Fist of Legend
Source: Nate 1 l 2 l 3
Three of Korea’s top movie actors, Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Byung Hun and Hwang Jung Min will go head-to-head as main action guys of 2013 in their upcoming movies. Shin Ha Kyun’s movie ‘Running Man’ which is the first Korean movie to be produced by a major Hollywood studio will be released in April, similar to Hwang Jung Min’s ‘Fist of Legend’ to be released on April 11. 
Meanwhile, actor Lee Byung Hun’s Hollywood blockbuster sequel ‘GI Joe: Retaliation’ will be released on March 28 in a worldwide premiere.
Source: Nate 
There is however, a considerable concern and expectation if G.I. Joe: Retaliation would be able to perform well at the Korean box-office due to the strong revival of the Korean films released recently. Particularly in 2012 and especially in 2013, support & feedback to domestic releases have been stronger than ever with many Korean features moving up in the 10 Million club.
Nevertheless, the fans and public are hoping that GI Joe: Retaliation will be well-received not only in South Korea but worldwide. Lee Byung Hun’s reprised role of Storm Shadow have been highlighted as a strong selling point in the sequel to GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra in 2009.
— March 7, 2013

Captures credit to taprokh at EverythingLBH.com

The G.I. Joe: Retaliation 3D Promotional Display at the Odeon Kensington Cinema.



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