This isn’t anything urgently important but just to find out if things could be further improved  in ways attainable and viable.  So, please  indulge us..
April 6, 2013
1. What do you think of the daily posts at
A. Helpful & informative
B. Not too bad
C. Repetitive & redundant
D. Room for improvement (tell us your thoughts)
2. What do you think of the way the daily posts of updates were written / presented?
A. Easy to read
B. Not too bad
C. Could be better (tell us your suggestion)
3. What would you like to see more at the apart from the updates?
A. Editorial
B. Fan Poll
C. Quiz.
D. Others (tell us your ideas)
4. How often do you visit the website?
A. Daily
B. Once a week
C. When there’s a new tweet alert
D. Occasionally when there’s time
5. Do you visit the and the LBH-soompi thread at the same time or just one site only?
A. Yes
B. No
6. Is the twitter alert helpful?
A. Yes
B. No
C. No idea
7. What is the biggest improvement you would like to see at website’s daily posts?
8. Would you be interested to join in chat group via Skype?
A. Yes
B. No
Sender info
Please highlight the whole questionnaire to copy and paste the reply in an email to the
Your response is highly encouraged and duly appreciated! THANK YOU! 



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