Byunghun-Minjung: Busy but Happy

April 18, 2013

Lee Byung Hun And Lee Min Jung Overcome Busy Schedules

Courtesy KDramaStars // Credit to Joan MacDonald


Despite busy schedules and many trips around the world, the relationship between Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun seems to be on solid ground.

During the past few months the actor has traveled to a dozen countries promoting his new movie, “G.I. Joe 2,” while she stayed in Korea filming the SBS drama, “All About My Romance.”

At a press conference for her drama, Lee Min Jung was asked if her boyfriend’s traveling makes it harder for them to be a couple. Min Jung did not seem to think so.

“Because I have a busy filming schedule as well, I think the fact that he has many overseas activities is a good thing,” said Min Jung.

Byung Hun is currently earning rave reviews for his role as Storm Shadow, while Min Jung is earning praise for her portrayal of Green Justice Party representative Noh Min Young.

The couple met through an acquaintance and began dating more than a year ago but only went public with their relationship last August.


“I denied the news in April because at the time I was neither ready for the public to know nor prepared for the aftermath of the news getting out,” said Min Jung. “Most of all, because my parents and my agency both were unaware of the situation, I had no choice but to be even more careful.”

However, after much discussion, the couple did go public.

Before leaving Korea to film “G.I. Joe 2,” “RED 2” Lee Byung Hun wrote a letter to his fans, saying that he had met someone he wanted to be with.

“Now, she has become the person who is most important to me,” he wrote. “And I want to continue this relationship in a serious manner. She’s a woman I can talk to, and she’s the only woman who can make me smile.”

He added that, “Looks don’t last very long. I’ve always thought that it’s most important to have something in common when you’re in love.”

Although he is 42 and she is 31, he considers her very mature for her age. “She seems to understand the emotions that you can only understand at my age,” he said.

The two were spotted together in Las Vegas last fall, although they insisted they were both there for work.

When asked if they planned to get married,” he smiled and said, “That’s something I want to know as well.”

Busy schedules can create problems in relationships especially among celebrities who must travel so much. It was the reason cited for Byung Hun’s breakup with actress Song Hye Kyo. But his relationship with Lee Min Jung seems to be growing stronger despite their being apart.


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