The Midnight Welcome

May 29, 2013

400 Ardent Fans Welcome Lee Byung Hun at Midnight 


Even though the actor arrived late on Sunday night on the final flight from Incheon, there were about 400 ardent fans patiently waiting to welcome him at the Haneda International Airport. 

Arriving at midnight as Lee Byung Hun had attended actor Shin Hyun Jun’s wedding at 6pm in Seoul, he took time to wave and smile warmly at the crowd. It’s noted that LBH did not shake hands with any of the fans at the airport, not because he didn’t want to. But clearly from his last visit to Japan (for Masquerade).. the situation at the airport got a bit out of control then — when fans fell and were pushed forward because they wanted to shake his hands? 




This time everyone really had to control their excitement seeing LBH. Even Lee Byunghun-ssi was aware of that but isn’t he the sweetest guy ever — he walked really really slowly and waved and looked at the fans waiting. Like really wave and looking at everyone. What a treat, what a Hunnie..

Lee Byung Hun arrived in Japan to participate in the GI Joe Retaliation Japan Premiere plus a 4-city stage greeting and various promotion activities with Director Jon Chu.






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