GI Joe Japan feat. Lee Byung Hun

Actor Lee Byung Hun Promotes GI Joe: Retaliation Premiere in Japan’s 4-City Stage Greet with Dir. Jon Chu

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Article by Lee Eun Sun KOBIZ

Lee Byung Hun took part in a GI Joe: Retaliation promotion event held in Tokyo’s Odaiba Toho Cinema on May 27th. Some 4,000 fans gathered there, proving his huge popularity in the country. Lee was interviewed on the red carpet for an hour and 40 minutes and sign his autograph for his very happy fans.

Director Jon Chu said on the stage, “I heard about Lee’s popularity in Japan but actually seeing it makes me realize that I had the fortune of working with a huge star,” adding, “I want to capture this on my own camera. I want to take pictures of Lee and his fans” and he took several pictures of Lee with fans.



Officials from Paramount Japan, the film’s distributor there said, “we’re so grateful that he satisfied so many fans individually despite his tight schedule. We’ve never come across such a generous star.”

GI Joe: Retaliation had drawn in USD 350 million at the box office abroad and is set to open in Japan on June 7th. Lee will spend a week in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka to promote the film, holding stage events and interviews.

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