Lee Byung Hun: My Father Aspired Me

Thanks to mistymorning at LBH-soompi.com for the wonderful translation from clip (initially posted in 2007) shared by BH’s fans.

Byunghun said that his father told him, “Whatever you do, if you can be a unique talent in that field, then I wouldn’t interfere with what you do. If you have aspiration that you can continue to work to the end without tiring, I will support whatever you decide to do” Back then, such words from my father helped me very much.

His father liked movies a lot, and brought LBH to the theaters with him

He thought of his father, and wants to see him so much especially in situation when his works are recognized by others, like winning awards. (He talked that he mentioned his father when he received best actor award for “A Bittersweet Life”)

LBH fans know how Byunghun misses his father so dearly, maybe by this time next year.. he will be a father himself. bh_father2


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