Love Actually, Lee Byung Hun

Sharing the behind-the-scenes footage from the 2010 BH Entertainment – VOGUE magazine’s Charity Pictorial. Super thanks to shiningstarbh for the clip-sharing on Youtube

vogue39 vogue42

Our gratitude to mistymorning at for the translated dialogue in the clip ^^

1:11 (Hong Ah Reum): Have you had lunch? (really slow and anxious)
1:14 What is the language you’re using?
1:26 (Female) The next scene is for prime minister to dance
1:31 (LBH) I can’t dance
1:46 (they seem to be talking about dance move)
1:55 (LBH) I used to dance well. Just need to feel like I’m dancing, right?
2:24 (LBH) It’s awkward even with music, but you’re not even playing one.
2:37 (narration) Re-shooting
2:47 (LBH) (I’m) dancing right now, why aren’t you taking (photos)?
2:51 (LBH) So he’s excited in his own space
2:52 (female) Correct, he’s dancing alone
2:53 (LBH) I do break dance when I’m in such situation
2:59 (LBH) like over the phone, “Really?” ( and does the break dance move )
3:10 (LBH doing jumping)
3:23 (LBH) if necessary, let’s do it again
3:25 (LBH) I look like a good dancer through camera
3:37 (Female: Fashion director) Oh… good
3:39 (LBH) What’s good about that.(laughing)
3:49 (sub) LBH smiling till the end

Then.. the moment with the kids
LBH: You must have exercised a lot
(girls there urging the boys) Please say hi
Kids: Say hi right now
LBH: You first
Kids: How are you? ( anyounghaseyo )


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