Charmingly Charismatic

RED2: Another Transformation of Lee Byung Hun’s Charismatic Charm

Source: Newspim, Kim Se-Hyeok l Thank to mistymorning for the translation at LBH-soompi



From small town teacher, a mob in love, to the ruthless killer, Lee Byung-Hun who has been a perfect chameleon in his every projects is transformed again to a new character in the movie, “Red 2.” Lee Byung-Hun played the role of new character “Han” in “Red: The Legend” which is about retired CIA agents who are reunited to get rid of the ultimate weapon “Night Shadow”..

Fans are very interested in the new character played by Lee Byung-Hun, who’s known for his acting spectrum. Lee Byung-Hun has been showing very different portrayals in each of his projects, “The Harmonium in My Memory”, “Joint Security Area”, “The Good, The Bad, The Weird”, “A Bittersweet LIfe”, “Masquerade” and the drama “All In”.

Acting with other well-known Hollywood stars in this movie, Lee Byung-Hun will show offbeat attraction as the movie’s obsessive killer “Han” Han is a ruthless killer but also a character who is obsessively trying to recover his stolen private jet. Lee Byung Hun will show his own style of charismatic action, but there will be moments of unexpected fun.

Starring Lee Byung-Hun, Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren, the movie “Red: The Legend” will be released on July 18th in Korea.

by Newspim, Kim Se-Hyeok

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