Byunghun-Minjung Decline Sponsorships

2013.08.10 Wedding Update ♥

Source: OSEN l thanks to mistymorning for the cool gist ♥ 


According to a close acquaintance of the couple, the star couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung have declined wedding companies’ sponsorship for their August wedding. The celebrity couple also did not appoint any wedding planner making the task their own personal effort.

Despite the overwhelming sponsorship offers, Byunghun & Minjung decided to decline the good intention as they wanted to create a wedding they will remember and cherish. The ceremony will be something even more special and truly worthwhile with their own resources.

LBH-LMJ related excerpt only ♥

Hottest Couples in 1st Half of 2013 

by Kang Jung Yeon TENASIA


Actress Rhee Min-jung (left) and actor Lee Byung-hun (right) [KBS & TenAsia/Chae Ki Won]

Lee Byung-hun & Rhee Min-jung

Star couple Lee Byung-hun and Rhee Min-jung had been a hot couple since going public with their relationship last summer. And they became hotter after announcing this June that they would get married on August 10.

However, many had speculated the two may get married ever since news broke of their relationship, despite their 12-year age difference. The two said they were dating seriously, which became more apparent when Lee said they had actually first dated briefly in 2006, and then there were rumors of their parents meeting. Their marriage became close to fact when two weekends before announcing their nuptials, Rhee went to her friend’s wedding with Lee and received the bride’s bouquet. It is customary in Korea for the bride to toss her bouquet to a designated friend and the friend will usually be someone who is set to marry within the six months that follow.

Nonetheless, the public will keep their eyes peeled for the wedding between Lee, considered one of Korea’s best actors, and Rhee, one of the most popular actresses in the country.



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