BH selected new voice for Bulls Oneshot

Lee Byung-hun to Advertise Car-related Product

by Kang Jung Yeon TENASIA

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun will endorse a product for Korean car product company Bullsone.

Lee has been chosen to promote Bullsone’s engine cleaning product called Bullsoneshot, an official with the company said over the phone on Tuesday.

Lee will join comedians Lee Su-geun and Kim Byung-man in endorsing the product but unlike the two who have gone with their friendly and funny image, Lee Byung-hun will show a classy and reliable image.


Lee already finished shooting the advertisements last month and finished shooting the TV commercials last week in two versions.

A commercial with Lee’s voice narrating went on air on Monday and a commercial with Lee on the screen will go on air in mid-August.

Meanwhile, Lee, considered one of the best actors in the country, will get married to actress Rhee Min-jung on August 10.




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