Confirmed: Memory of the Sword

July 8, 2013

“Hyeopyeo” has been confirmed as the next project for Lee Byung-Hun

Source:  SBS ++ l thanks to mistymorning for the awesome update at LBH-soompi l compilation 1 l 2


It’s confirmed that actors Lee Byung-Hun, Jeon Do-Yeun and Kim Go-Eun have been cast in the movie “Hyeopyeo: The Memory of the Sword.” . If you guys remember the movie is during Corea dynasty, story of 3 warriors. Jeon will take the role of Sulrang who raised her daughter Sulhee (Kim Go-Eun) to take avenge against the Dukgi (Lee Byung-Hun) for the death of Sulhee’s father, after 18 years.

Lee Byung-Hun decided to take this role after finding the scenario interesting, and Jeon Do-Yeun to keep a promise to Dir. Park Heung-Sik who worked with JDY in “Mermaid Princess”. Kim Go-Eun is a power rookie known for her movie “Eungyo”.

By casting these 3 actor/actresses known for their acting, this project became the most anticipated movie in Chungmuro. this comeback project of director Park Heung-Sik, with projects such as “Mermaid Princess” and “I wish I have a wife” will be released on 2014.

It’s a great news indeed as three award-winning actors will be in the same movie making it the most-anticipated Korean film of 2014. This will be Lee Byung Hun and Jeon Do Yeon’s second acting collaboration after their cute chemistry in Harmonium in My Memory in 1999. He’s the teacher, she’s the student with the biggest crush on him.

As for the Kim Go Eun, it’s been known that LBH is a big fan of her movie “The Muse” which earned the young actress rave recognition in the Korean film industry and international film festivals.

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Knighted: Lee Byung Hun in 2006, Jeon Do Yeon in 2009


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