Hyeopyeo.. a love story?

July 16, 2013

Lee Byung-Hun “Working with Jeon Do-Yeon again? I’m looking forward to it” 

Source: enews24 l images from maxmovie l translation by mistymorning at EverythingLBH.com

Interview article is about actor Lee Byung Hun’s thoughts on working with actress Jeon Do Yeon and their upcoming movie project. He is really looking forward to work with his co-stars, actresses Jeon and Kim Go Eun.

Lee Byung Hun further stated that “even though the genre is martial arts movie, it is actually a really sad and beautiful love story”. “A lot of people thought my role is just a villain, but the role cannot be defined that clearly as villain.”



Hyeopyeo: Memories of the Sword
Second collaboration with LBH after JSA and The Influence

July 17, 2013

Kim Tae-woo likely to join “A Touch Of Zen”

Source: Enews24 via Hancinema.net

user posted image

Actor Kim Tae-woo from the SBS drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows” is about to join the movie “A Touch of Zen”.

“A Touch of Zen” is about Seol-lang (Jeon Do-yeon) who raises a warrior named Seol-hee (Kim Go-eun-I) as a mother and a master to take revenge at the end of the Koryo times.

This movie has been the topic of issue for a while with the casting of world star Lee Byeong-Heon and rookie actress Kim Go-eun.

Kim Tae-woo’s addition to the movie should give it another boost. Lee Byeong-Heon and Kim Tae-woo have already met once through the movie “JSA – Joint Security Area”.

There is also word that Kim Tae-woo and Jeon Do-yeon will reunite as a couple ever since the 1997 movie “The Contact”.

“A Touch of Zen” will finalize casting and start filming in August.


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