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July 16, 2013

In Hollywood, I am only a rookie… I’m not worried about failure

Source: hani l translation by mistymorning at LBH soompi

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Did he have any fear in pursuing Hollywood starting from the ground when he has a top position in Korean entertainment? 
Actor Lee Byung Hun(43) said with determination, “Though I was loved in Korea, I have no fear of failure in Hollywood.” “Whether I need to kick or do the half nude scene in doing my roles, I consider those as really precious chance for my improvement.”

Reporter met him in Seoul Sogongdong Plaza Hotel on the 16th, 2 days before the release of his new movie “Red: The Legend” ( on 18th ). The movie is about retired CIA top agents – called R.E.D. – trying to stop the weapon of mass destruction. This is sequel of 2010 released movie “Red” , Lee ByungHun took a role of killer “Han JoBae” who got a assassination contract for Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), the leader of R.E.D. This is the third movie in Hollywood for him.

He repeatedly said that “I’m only a rookie in Hollywood who has only 3 movies done.” during the interview. It’s true that his role is still limited to “Martial art villain”, the typical Asian actor role, Also, there’s the matter of language, his English is not perfect yet. In one scene in this movie, he had some trouble adapting to John Malkovich’s ad lib so they had to re-shoot the same scene 8 times.

But he said, “as an actor who is just starting in States, “Red: The Legend” helped me to improve a lot” His attitude is positive, saying “The fact that I am getting more action roles, I consider that as a good chance to show that I am an actor who can do action scenes.”.

Moreover, in this movie along with legendary actors/actresses in Hollywood, like Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis, his role has significant weight. His name is on 4th in the ending credit. In the beginning, he was afraid and worried about new shooting environment. he’s still not at the point that he can feel Hollywood production environment comfortable, but the dread is beginning to lessen. His increased comfort showed during the production too. By his suggestion, nationality of the killer was changed to Korea. The name of the killer “Han JoBae” came from Korean surname, Han/Jo/Bae. Korean ad libs he proposed were added to the movie adding to the laughing moments.

Also, he is getting more scenarios from abroad. Genres become more various, romantic comedy, SF, thriller and the role in the script is not limited to “Asian male”. He considers that he’s receiving scenarios of various genre as a good sign.

After his wedding on August 10, he’ll start shooting the next project “Memories of the Sword” in September.

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