Father & Son in RED 2

July 24, 2013

Surprise Appearance: Father & Son Photo and Credit in RED 2

A father and son photo belonging to actor Lee Byung Hun appeared in a scene in RED 2, a Hollywood sequel that he’s been acting in. Not only that, LBH’s late father’s name Lee Jong Kun (shown as Jong Kun Lee) was listed in the ending credits of the movie, right after Lee Byung Hun’s name.

The close-up family photo portrays LBH’s character in the movie with his father. The scene & credit was initiated by Dir. Dean Parisot after having heard about the actor’s father who was a big Hollywood movie fan. This sweet gesture brings a pleasant surprise to the fans and audience, most especially an endearing heartfelt gratitude for the actor and his family.


RED 2 aka RED: The Legend opened at number 1 at the Korean Box Office and has now surpassed 1.26 million audience since the release on July 18. Actor Lee Byung Hun in particular have been widely praised for his cool yet comic performance in the movie.

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