Special Appearance at AFCI

From the AFCI Facebook, update at Nate.com l compilation at EverythingLBH.com

On Monday, September 30, South Korean superstar, Byung Hun Lee made time for a special appearance at AFCI Cineposium to discuss working in the west versus working in the east!


Lee Byung-Hun talked about the differences of Hollywood and Korean movies

Source: Innolife Korea

The world star Lee Byung-Hun, chose ‘Pre-production’ for the most difference of Hollywood and Korean movie. Lee Byung-Hun held the special speech for 15 minutes as the honorary ambassador of Cineposium held at Chungpung Resort in Jecheon on 30th.

Lee Byung-Hun said, “I shot four movies in America. Hollywood prepares much at pre-production. So it saves the time for production, and people can work in harmony. There is little change at the scene. It is reasonable to set a time table to save the time and money.” In succession he said, “In Korea pre-production is a little insufficient, but the instant idea of director changes the movie. Also the divisions such as makeup and stage lighting, change for that. All two have merits and demerits. It is good to make two environment harmonized.”

About the work with Hollywood actors, he said “They are always confident.” He said “In Korea we are relay on monitors. After the cut directors, actors, and staffs gathered, talking about supplementation. However Hollywood actors rarely do monitoring except special case. It is because they have confidence to their performance. Hollywood does not have edit in sites.”






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