RED Returns: QueenE vs Gwanghae

November 25, 2013

“RED Returns” The Enthusiastic Performance by Helen Mirren and Lee Byung Hun’s Killer Smile

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Finally the long-awaited screening of Hollywood action blockbuster RED 2 or known as “RED Returns” in Japan — it’s finally here! On Saturday, November 23, the Haneda Airports was filled with excited fans welcoming the movie’s star Lee Byung Hun to attend the Japan premiere & red carpet event held at the Tokyo International Forum Hall with co-star, Academy award winner Helen Mirren.

On Sunday, countless media reporters rushed in from all over the country with television camera lenses surrounding the venue to catch the glimpse of these two big stars. There were also 200 lucky fans in the designated venue filling the atmosphere with clear hot anticipation.

As the lights were dimmed, the red carpet finally started with the event moderator announcing Lee Byung Hun’s “Han Cho Bai, the killer.” Through the bright-red lit entrance, smartly-dressed in black paisley suit and bow-tie, actor Lee Byung Hun appeared calm and dignified yet not shy with his famous killer smile sending the audience into frenzied cheer.


Lee Byung Hun walked down the red carpet to the waiting group of television reporters waiting to interview the actor. As the star gives off overwhelming aura, our reporter also feeding questions excitedly, LBH in a short pause, carefully, answered the hot questions one by one. Then, in the second part of the red carpet event, actress Helen Mirren was introduced and appeared at the grand entrance. in a chic white plaid dress, Helen Mirren was greeted warmly by the crowd and Lee Byung Hun especially as they exchanged kisses on the cheeks in American style greeting sending the atmosphere rejoicing to the climax.


From then on, the two stars were shown to designated sections of the red crapet to meet the fans with autograph signing, and selcas. Lee Byung Hun indulged the fans with self-portraits shots on digital cameras, busily entertaining the fans with handshakes and a smile never leaving his happy face. When pointed at the camera, LBH is always ready with a peace sign in front of the fans, showing his mischievous side.

In this way, the actor enjoyed fully the interaction with fans, as well as finishing the interviews with each media reporters. Next Lee Byung Hun appeared on stage with Helen Mirren for a photo session with sporting poses, fascinating the fans completely.

The audience were shown scenes which the impressive action scenes by LBH and Helen Mirren in the blue Lotus sports car and the stars were asked about the filming. Both actors mentioned they had spent 3 days in the car filming the car chase scene and because of the confined space they had to be in, BH and Helen really got close together. Helen particularly said that she’s happy to be able to spend time talking with an attractive man like Lee Byung Hun. The British actress also let out a secret that the other reason they spent so much time inside the car was because once getting in, it’s been really hard to get out of the blue Lotus. Even when there’s a 30-min break, the actors would rather spend it in the car instead of going out. To which she demonstrated with the red Lotus provided on stage with Lee Byung Hun helping her in and out of the car with some difficulty, proving her claim.

Noticing that Helen’s hair was in a disarray after getting out of the car, Lee Byung Hun showed his gentlemanly concern and try to fix the hair casually, even with the unexpected gesture, it caught the hearts of fans seeing.

RED 2 or RED Returns as it’s known in Japan opens on November 30 at TOHO cinemas nationwide.

2013.11.26_tv interview1b

2013.11.26_tv interview1a


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