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    Louis Vuitton Publishes 2014 Travel Guide for Seoul feat. Lee Byung Hun
    [Almost Editorial] 2013 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2014 to All!
    Hyeopnyeo: Period blockbusters to fill silver screens in 2014 film lineup
    Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung Spotted in San Francisco Airport
    Lee Byung Hun at 25th Palm Springs International Film Festival 
    Period drama, observing the cause and noticeable 2014 hot projects
     The Top 5 Korean Period Films of All-Time
    Korean period films coming in 2014
    The Independent Critics List of.. The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2013
    Lee Byung Hun in 2 Bullsone New 2014 TVCF
    Showbiz Korea Analysis of Korean Entertainment Agency
    Lee Byung Hun-Ahn Sung Ki Handprints Displayed at TCL Chinese Theatre 
    Lee Byung Hun featured on Schön! Magazine
    Lee Byung Hun: Shim Eun Kyung is like “pure water”
    Promo Clip; LBH On Tour 2014
    Fashion: Lee Byung Hun’s Wedding Tuxedo by Lord and Tailor
    LBH-sightings in Jtbc drama ‘Can We Love’
    Entertainment Weekly: Lee Min Jung, Big breakfast for Lee Byung Hun
    Lee Min Jung discusses married life with Lee Byung Hun
    Hyeopyeo: Kim Go Eun & Lee Junho Talk About Lee Byung Hun 
    Yeo Jin Goo: My heart almost stopped meeting Lee Byung Hun 
    To all friends of BH Entertainment, Happy New Year from Lee Byung Hun
    Lee Byung Hun in 6-city fan meeting after Lunar New Year
    Kim In Gwon was extra careful hitting Lee Byung Hun in Masquerade
    LBH On Tour 2014 Kicks Off in Nagoya
    From Lee Byung Hun’s abs to Yoo Yeun Suk’s shoulder, most wanted body parts 
    Star couple Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, more busy in the new year
    LBH on Tour 2014: 3-day event in Osaka, photo with fans
    Clip: Feature on Stars’ Unique Habits, Their Hidden Secrets
    LBH on Tour 2014: Lee Byung Hun in Sendai, photos from fanmeet
    Actress Lee Min Jung:in First TV Drama Since Marriage to Lee Byung Hun
    LBH on Tour 2014: The Tears in Sendai
    Former Wonder Girls’ Sohee Joins BH Entertainment As An Actress
    LBH on Tour 2014: Lee Byung Hun in Fukuoka, returns to Seoul for a Valentine break
    Lee Byung Hun arriving at Haneda International with 200 fans waiting & cheering
    Celebrity Couples Who Overcame A Big Age Difference + wedding photos
    LBH on Tour 2014: Lee Byung Hun in Yokohama, photos from fanmeet
    LBH on Tour 2014: Clips and Captures
    Soompi Shippers’ Paradise Valentine’s Day Contest (Round 3)
    KBS2: Lee Eun Joo in Bungee Jumping of Their Own (9th anniversary)
    LBH on Tour 2014: VOGUE Japan Editor’s Pick
    Lee Min Jung “My husband Lee Byung Hun, he cheered me to enjoy work”
    [Interview] ‘Cunning Single Lady’ with Lee Min Jung 
    Photo: Last day of ‘Hyeopyeo: Memories of the Sword’ filming
    Memories of the Sword slated for winter 2014 release
    Photos: Nautica S/S 2014 Catalogue featuring Lee Byung Hun
    LBH on Tour 2014: Interview Clip and Captures
    LBH on Tour 2014 Photos: Lee Byung Hun Gathers 30,000 Fans in Japan
    List: 2014 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40
    Updates:JSA Musical & Bungee Jumping of Their Own Shoelace tidbit
    Actor Lee Byung Hun Visited Mendoza in Argentina on March 9
    LBH on Tour 2014: 30-sec Promotional Video
    Soompi Shippers 2014 Valentines Day Contest, Result & Recap 
    GI Joe 3: Lee Byung Hun to take on Hollywood again
    Clip: Nautica S/S 2014 Presenting Lee Byung Hun
    Lee Min Jung Parodies Lee Byung Hun’s Words in Cunning Single Lady
    Proceeds from LV City Guide 2014 Handed to UNICEF Korea 
    2014 S/S Nautica Collection Feat. Lee Byung Hun
    The BIG 4: Song Kang Ho, Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Lee Byung Hun
    Hyeopyeo: South Korean Lotte brings heavyweight lineup to HK market 
    Lee Byung Hun, why he’s the best, the real reason 
    LBH On Tour 2014: Osaka FM 25-26 March 
    LBH on Tour 2014: Fan account shared by Barbara at LBH soompi
    The ‘Why?’ in Korea’s Revenge Thrillers by Pierce Conran
    Darcy Paquet: What are your favorite Korean films & directors, and why? 
    ‘G.I. Joe 3’ Release Date: Film Delayed Because Of ‘Jem’ Movie
    ‘Terminator: Genesis’ Adds Korean Star Byung-hun Lee
    RED Star Lee Byung Hun Joins ‘Terminator: Genesis’
    Lee Byung Hun Set to Join Cast of New ‘Terminator’ Movie
    Terminator Genesis:: Korean Star Expands Reach Into Hollywood
    TV Report: Industry Insiders Vote for Top Actor and Actress in New Poll
    Review: Masquerade (Blu-ray) by Thomas Spurlin at DVDtalk
    Korean stars grace Hollywood movies: Actors to play major roles in US blockbusters
    Photos: Lee Byung Hun at Jackie Chan’s Birthday Event in Beijing
    Lee Byung Hun at KENZO Event in Beijing
    KOFIC: Big Presence for Korean Cinema at HK FilMart
    Lee Byung Hun at CJ “Tous les Jours” Opening in Beijing
    Lee Byung Hun Confirms Lead Role in ‘The Insiders’
    Movie Based on Webtoon, INSIDERS Adds Lee Byung Hun, Filming in July
    Kim Hyun Joong, “Do it like Lee Byung Hun if you want to go abroad”
    Clips & transcript: A young Lee Byung Hun featured on Entertainment Weekly 
    Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung’s Conjugal Harmony
    The Three Unique Kiss Scenes In KDramas
    Terminator: Genesis Officially Begins Production in New Orleans
    Lotte Entertainment featuring ‘Memories of the Sword’ in Cannes 2014 Line-up
    Get It K feature: Joseon Kings Walk Out of History
    Lee Byung Hun in ‘Terminator: Genesis’ , one of the 4 leadiing roles?
    ‘Joint Security Area’ to be made into a KBS TV drama
    ‘Bungee Jumping of Their Own’ on Kdrama, ‘Angel Eyes’
    Clip: Arirang Korea Today – Korean Names Breaking into Hollywood 


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