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A Bittersweet Life – Exclusive DVD Review by X (August 7, 2005) [X]
Actor Lee Byung-hun Debuts in Hollywood (July 31, 2009) [X] X]
All In Bravery [X] [X]
An Interview with Kim Jee-woon A Bittersweet Life & LBH [X]
APA Top Ten – Hot Asian Actors Hollywood Doesn’t Yet Realize It Needs (April 3, 2009) [X] [X]
BH talks GBW – 100% Real Action Without Substitutes (August 8, 2008) [X] [X]
Blood is the new black – ‘I Come With The Rain’ Movie Review (June 5, 2009) [X [X]
Byung Hun Lee talks G.I.JOE – Asian superstar takes on STORM SHADOW role (August 6, 2009) [X] [X] [X]
CINE21: From Hollywood Kid to Hollywood Star.. Maybe [X]
CINE21: Re-discovering Lee Byung Hun (February 13, 2008 ) [X]
CNN: Korean idol Lee Byung-hun makes waves overseas [X] [X]
Discovery Channel: Feel the vibes – Seoul Superstars (February 22, 2009) [X], Storming Ahead [X]
Discovery Channel: Lee’s Hip Korea A star talks about his upcoming Hollywood experience and being part of a documentary about South Korean pop culture [X] [X]
EXCLUSIVE: Byunghun Lee – The Stormshadow Interview (August 6, 2009) X] [X]
FILM2.0 Interviews Lee Byung Hun: Between Reason and Sensitivity (November 14, 2006) [X]
First Love: Once in a Summer (November 23, 2006) [X]
Getting to know Lee Byung Hun (March 4, 2005) [X]
Kimchi vs Sushi (November 22, 2007) [X]
Korean cowboy “The Good, the Bad, the Weird” charms at Cannes (May 25, 2008) [X]
Korean star says he’s just ‘a guy doing a job’ (October 23, 2005) [X]
KOZINE: Lee Byung Hun – Thrives on Challenges [X]
Lee Byung Hun’s first Hollywood movie – GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra [X]
Lee Byunghun Returns With Film ‘G.I. Joe’ (July 29, 2009) [X] [X]
Lee Byung-hun says Koreans should be ‘nonchalant’ about his role in G.I. Joe film [X] [X]
Mike Edwards talks to Byung-hun Lee about GBW and a little bit about G.I. JOE! (January 3, 2009) [X] [X]
No more mister nice guy – How Korean star Lee Byung-hun is ditching the romantic leads to play the bad guy. (January 23, 2009) [X] [X]
Once Upon a Time in Dunhuang: On location for The Good, The Bad, The Weird [Part 1] [Part 2]
Paparazzi? This Korean star does not mind them (August 27, 2007) [X]
Pop Goes Korea – Behind the Revolution in Movies, Music, and Internet Culture [X] [] [X]
Real talk with LBH in Akimoto Yasushi’s Tokyo FM Radio Show (December 16, 2007) [X]
Spotlight on Lee Byung Hun: Between Reason and Sensibility – Between Beauty and Evil (MOON-Seok/Cine21/Korean Film Observatory No.26 Cannes special edition 2008 ) [X]
The Good, The Bad, The Weird on Blu-ray Review [X] [X]
The Good, The Bad, The Weird – review by (July 27, 2008) [X] [X] [X]
The Good, The Bad, The Weird – review by lunapark6 (December 21, 2008 ) [X]
Twitchfilm – Kim Ji Woon Talks The Good, The Bad, and The Weird (July 27, 2008) [X] [X]
Twitchfilm – An interview with THE BAD, LEE BYUNG-HEON [X] [X]
Variety Praises The Good, the Bad, the Weird (May 28, 2008) [X] [X]
Wine actor Lee Byung Hun (November 24, 2007) [X]
Yumcha – Man of the World [X]

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